Thursday, August 5, 2010


OK, so some of you know that Zoe is a Course Leader for Landmark Education and sometimes I get to travel with her when she heads away - this time the trip is as in the title.

Wgtn to Melbourne to see friends and catch up with her boss, then off to Bangkok where Zoe will lead a Communication:Power to Create course this weekend to about 115 people - I get to hang out around Bangkok, maybe see an old friend (teaching golf at a University here) and eat. And you know that's a favourite topic of mine so here we go.

But first - I need to deal with Melbourne.

Healesville - a small town about 45 mins drive from the CBD (Yarra Valley area) and Giant Steps; deli, bakery, winery, restaurant, wine tasting etc etc

This place is seriously cool, great food, the wine is brilliant (the Innocent Bystander Frisky Reisling 9% alc and very young - 10 weeks in the bottle) and the building and surroundings laid back.

I chose the smoked trout salad, a mix of pickled cucumber strings, radish, red onion and witloof, Zoe a baguette stuffed with ham and a mix of cheeses.

I grabbed a couple of bottles of the Innocent Bystander Pinot Rose to carry away, and a box of the Murray River salt.

And then later back to town and a dinner with a wider bunch of friends, Anne-Marie and Anthony, Paul and Kerry, Cathey and Matt at the Limerick, good food and conversation.

Then Tuesday morning we got picked up by Mark and Julie and went for breakfast at The Duchess Cafe, very different menu, things like scrambled eggs with Gentleman's Relish, Pork Belly with fried egg and a reduction/glaze (my choice).

Then off to the airport and to check onto our Qantas flight - except no, it's a Jetstar flight so oops - slight shock there as Zoe is such a frequent flyer she gets some on-board privileges and Jetstar just manage a complimentary pack to Qantas for her, but she got feed, a blanket, headphones etc

I was ever so slightly worried about what might be available GF on-board but in fact they're very good. Came on-board to be welcomed with an offer of GF cookie bars (Byron Bay brand) and out of nowhere one of the crew arrived with a salad from 'upfront' as a complimentary option.

So all in all not a bad flight and I'm heading back to Melbourne with them in a week (Zoe gets a QF flight back to Sydney) so will load the wallet so I can afford the options on-board.

I'll start the next post from day one in Bangkok, see ya soon

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