Friday, February 5, 2010

Eating out - St John's Bar

So I manage to eat out on accasion, not often but often enough to be able to pick and choose between the where and when.

My most recent opportunity was at the St John's Bar, an old Ambulance station turned into a bar and restaurant, with a fantastic outside area that's full of tables and oversized bean bags in the summer.

I was meeting with a supplier and a colleague and just had time for a quick lunch. A short but sharp menu allowed me to select the roasted salmon fillet, with salad greens and a very simple balsamic dressing.

Coupled with a glass of Lorenz Pinot Gris it was simple and very well prepared and delivered, only issue I had was that the menu made no mention of bread or toasted bread and the salmon arrived sitting on four segments of toatsed sourdough.

Not a major issue but for someone fully celiac a probable major, simply lifted the salmon aside and handed it to my colleague to eat with his seafodd risotto. All in all in and out in less than 60 minutes with a very freindly waitress, good prompt service and a smile.

I didn't take any photos so can't offer any up, but can recommend the St John's Bar as a destination for both food and wine.


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