Monday, February 1, 2010

The Tuscan feast

Well I set up the menu here a while back, now I probably need to offer up some recipes and photos from last Friday  night. The below photo is the start point of the Pomodoro gratinati - gratineed tomatoes with herbs, garlic and cheese

of course before this the squid

This is prior to the BBQ treatment, a slight char grilling the into the marinade of olive oil, chillis, parsley and lemon juice.

I have to admit this was underwhelming if the exact recipe was followed. My critics commented rapidly that this was initally insipid so a rapid increase in lemon juice, Maldon sea salt and fresh ground black pepper helped big time.

I think next time I'll jazz it up with a blast of extra chilli or lemon or perhaps something like a Thai dipping sauce turned to a marinade solution.

This was the Verdure miste arrosto - mixed roasted vegetables before they went under the heat

and then the end result

+ the Tagliata con rucola ed aceto balsamico - grilled sirloin on rocket salad

a single sirloin piece that I sectioned so that I could could deliver rare, medium and well done portions across the rocket and parmesan salad and followed up, later by the end of the evening by the

Frutti col nocciolo arrostiti con il marscapone della vaniglia - roasted stonefruits with vanilla sugar marscapone. This was served with Brown Brthers Lexia and a perfect mix, of course by the time I served this up I was feeling little pain, a solution of Pinot Gris, Risling and of course the Lexia. 

the evening was an unmitigated success as only all evenings with friends can be - best times you can ever have.

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