Monday, February 1, 2010

The reborn card table

So one thing I haven't mentioned here so far is that the wife (Zoe) is something of a designer, having owned her own fabic design company (EONZ) and also having managed the decor all the various houses lived in over the years.

And as I have mentioned we glamp every summer so having the appropiate accessories are required. Last holiday the fold out table fell apart, it was about time I guess as it was a purchase at the Red Shed some time back.

So Zoe goes online to Trademe searching for a folding card table, this is what she found.
an old feltless card table for $5, a stunning buy.

Problem is that the seller was based in Palmerston North, 2 1/2 hours north of where we live, so how to get it to our place. Answer - Sara and Adrian live not that far way so a quick request and the deal was done, they deliver the talble and I'm pimped out to cook a meal, thus the Tuscan feast last Friday night.

A quick trip to the Spotlight store and voila

the end result, is a glamorous art deco style table, covered in white vinyl with black brad tacks for the contrast

End result the stunning photo above, a table that will not only become a central point for any possible card or board games we willhave at the campsite next time - but also a dinner table if required and whatever else we find it useful for.

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